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Tuesday, March 29th, 2016...12:51 am

He doesn’t even need four legs!

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It’s been about 2 months now. Its crazy to think of the amount of stress everyone went through when rams had the surgery because now it’s like he didn’t need his fourth leg in the first place!

His fur is starting to grow back and his energy is back. Having three legs has not stopped him in the slightest.


play with me


His back leg does not drop so much anymore when he’s standing but some days, particularly after some exercise he might lick his front paws and legs. I did get him some socks, but so far he’s not liking me putting them on him, so I tried some cream and didn’t like that either. It’s going to be a slow progress. Patience, patience patience.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I could do for his paws?


He still goes for short walks about 10-15 minutes with a long nap to follow. His nails are also getting pretty long so i’ll see if the walks on the concrete will help with that. Hopefully it will or else it’s rambo vs the nail clippers.

We made good progress over the weekend. He can now drop on command again!

I also purchased the Fit Paws paws pods for him.  He’s not ready to balance on them yet so a simple ‘tap’ technique has been working better so far. I started with one then added two. Once he gets the idea i’ll teach him to tap with his back leg with the intention of progressing to balancing.

He is climbing more confidently too 🙂

12524432_1008729749210689_6132525239423762492_n 12524397_1008729705877360_7539891578942732519_n 12932965_1008729832544014_5706111005107177041_n

Rams also made a new friend over the Easter break. My mum made a little doggie, who also has three legs!

12931103_1007882635962067_1994468893886747340_n 943842_1007882549295409_2499024219695586113_n

Mel x



    Rambo is a genius!!! I’m not kidding! Such a smart boy……and a very smart and loving human trainer!

    I’ve just watched each video twice. And each time I’m blown away!

    For a rear legger to back up…and then lay down…those two “exercises” are jard for a four legger, much less a rear leg tripawd!

    And to see how happy Rams is….melting my heart over here.

    The little tripawd puppy stuffy…DELIGHTFUL!!! I think your Mom jas a career here at Tripawds marketing these little guys! So cute!!! A whole lotta love going on in Mr. Rams’ world!!

    So his the leg/paw licking after exercise? Maybe some correlation…not sure what though. Overdoing it a bit, cramping, not sure what it could be. My beloved Happy Hannah did lick her front legs/paw a lot after she became a rear legger. It seems like it lessened as the months went on.

    Thanks for sharing these great videos! I hope Jerry these them. Rams would be a great “role model” of how to “exercise” for our tripawd videos.


    Love to all…including Grandma!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • Our little pirate is just amazing, there is no stopping him.
    I also watched the video’s twice.
    Sounds like I could be in business making my little ‘MacLostaleg’ !!!
    See you soon … mum xxxxx

  • Wow you are doing GREAT! I love that you are working on exercise and fitness in all sort of different ways.

    As for the paws…that’s a challenging one. Lots of dogs won’t wear boots but have you seen this post about introducing them?

    Love the pics and your details, keep it up! This is so helpful to others.

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