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Sunday, July 17th, 2016...10:09 am

Rambo’s 3 week break

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It’s been pretty busy in our household lately!

Rambo had a good three weeks off from walking and running, replaced with simple exercises, massages and quick trips to the parks. I made a lot of notes and took some pointers from him for my next holiday.

1.Take 3 weeks off

2. Have a massage every 3 – 4 days

3. Sleep a lot

4. Get people to bring me food

His weight is still being transferred to his front legs a little but he’s been standing and walking much better. ┬áThe step up exercise has been the only core exercise he’s been doing for now. And I’ve been building up the height for him but I’ll read through the Tripawd PDF again to get some more core exercise ideas as he’s finding the exercise pretty easy.


We’ve also had another dog in the household, Maggie. She’s mum’s dog, and with mum overseas till October she’s been staying with us. During Rambo’s mini vacation, she ruptured her left back knee so required TPLO surgery. For the next 2-3 weeks she’ll be doing no exercise and will only be allowed to walk around when she needs to go outside to do her business.

Lucky for Maggie I’ve got everything she needs because of Rambo’s surgery. And Rambo had mostly everything he needed because Jazzy had a hip replacement when she was one >o<


trying to catch some sun

So for now Jazzy is the only dog in the house that needs a good amount of exercise.

So off to the park!




Mel x



  • I love your tips for your break.
    Maggie looks so sad with that collar on. Give her lots of cuddles for me.
    Well done Mr Rams on your progress. You are such a little battler.
    Jay must be loving the one on one at the park.
    Lots of cuddles of them all. xxxxxx

  • Heh heh sounds like the perfect holiday to me!

    Rams is doing fantastic with your guidance. We would love to see pics of the core exercises he’s doing.

    One thing that we like to do with Wyatt for core-exercises is to have him do side-to-side cookie crunches (with low-cal treats of course) and also walking on uneven surfaces, like bed mattresses and couch cushions. Let us know what new ones you do with Rams.

    We hope Maggie is feeling better and on the mend. You sure have your hands full right now but based on how well Rams is doing, Maggie’s got it made with an expert like you on her side!

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