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Thursday, February 25th, 2016...2:20 am

Sutures are out!

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Yay! Today makes it 3 weeks since Rambo’s operation and we had all the sutures removed ūüôā We saw the surgeon instead of his regular vet and Rambo didn’t seem to mind, he walked over and accepted a pat from him.

Most of the fluid from the seroma lumps is pretty much gone only oozing every now and then. It is starting to scab so with the rest of antibiotics that will heal up. He¬†is still tender around the area and the surgeon did say that he may still get phantom limb pain, although he’s pain management has been really good this week so i’ll just be watching out for anything out of the ordinary and keeping his exercise to a minimum for the time being.

He still has had days of soreness, stiffness and a few cramps. These days have been manageable. The cramps don’t last nearly as long as they did and he’s showing little signs of distress from them. Days like these he usually sleeps a lot so I’m letting him tell me what his day will be like.

Health wise he’s doing fantastic. The surgeon was really happy to see him alert and healthy, calling him “miracle dog” as he told me that Rambo had been the sickest dog he’d ever operated on, telling me again that he didn’t think Rams would make it through the surgery.

Every time we visit the vet I get told how strong he is and how close it all was.¬†It’s such an odd thing to be told when you know your dog is very tough and resilient and you know has many years left. Even now you wouldn’t suspect that he was close to losing his life. You would just assume that he had the surgery and everything went remotely well.

It was such a terrifying experience that now it seems like such a blur and I can’t grasp the fact that I almost lost him. Because to me he’s my tough dog who is stubborn and strong, he even tells YOU off for ending a game of fetch, YOU are the one that needs to keep up with him. He isn’t one to give up so easily.

And because of his strong spirit I was able to take him home, care for him and have him by my side.

That’s why he’s a Rambo!

We have another vet appointment in two weeks to check on everything once again. In the meantime, I feel like now I can finally slowly relax¬†so I’m going to¬†do what Rambo loves doing most at the moment, and that’s nap¬†a lot.


Mel x




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  • WOW! Rambo jas bee on quite the surgery/recovery roller coaster ride!

    Mr Rams is rough as nails! YOU KNOW YOUR DOG!!! That has been so important getting you two to this point in recovery. Rams has shown his will to live defies all odds!!

    And here we are, three weeks later and Rams is an unstoppable Tripawd!

    HAPPY STITCHES OUT RAMBO!!! I’m pretty sure I hear the Rocky theme playing innthe background!!

    Yes, now you can relax indeed. Just look at that picture of Rambo basking in the sun. All is well in Rambo :-).s world and he has no worries!

    Loving this update so much! Good job everybody!!

    Hugs and love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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